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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  February 7, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EST

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lock of my hair? i've got to go. sorry, andy. and i'm greg gutfeld. ] crowd ch. >> geraldo: live and after large in the tradition of president nixon sighent majority, jerry falwell's moral majority and the gipper democrats the most popular movement in the country, the tea party meeting to hear from their hero, former alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate sarah palin who tonight is taking on president obama's perceived policies of big government and higher taxes. she has just about asked about president palin. let's listen in. >> we have to get our arms around. i think that i'm all for the bipartisan work effort that is needed in washington, d.c. but i think one of the issues that has to be tackled in d.c. and if i were in a position to help
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with this is not make the promises about the bipartisanship if the promise can't be ful fulfilled. if truly there is not an intention to work with another party on a specific issue because say they are fundamentally disagreeable to something like the takeover of the private sector healthcare, don't tell the american people and don't fake it and prevend like you want to work with the other party on that because that distrust that is built makes us distrust all of the decisions made coming out of washington and that makes us a less secure nation. thank you so much for coming down here.
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you may have to fight your way out of here for all the people that don't want you to leave. >> i appreciate the opportunity to be here. i have to apologize if i had anything to do with any of the controversy that some of the media spun up. >> what controversy? >> right. >> i'm happy, honored proud to take any speaking fee that was ever going to be written out for me via a check and turn it right back around and give it to the cause. this isn't about money. is is not about a title. it is not about a leader position here in this movement. it is about the people. i will live, i will die for the people of america whatever i can do to help. and this party, this party that we call the tea party, this movement as i say is the future of politics in america and i am proud to get to be here today. so thank you so much. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> geraldo: governor sarah palin receiving a rousing applause. thanks from the thousand people, the tea party conventioneers joined there. that is piper her daughter on stage with her. the governor quick said she wanted piper to meet mile will cyrus who lives very close to the grand ole opry where the convention is taking place. it was a speech that really was i think in many ways powerful, it was partisan. it was mocking of president obama and his administration. it invoked patriotism. it invoked the 99th birthday of the spiritual guide of the conservative movement, the late president ronald reagan. it was interrupted often by applause from the adoring crowd and it clearly made very definite reference to the election in massachusetts of
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scott brown in which the tea party activists played a potent role. here is a sampler from what we just heard from governor sarah palin. >> now, in many ways scott brown represents what this beautiful movement is all about. he was just a guy with a truck and a passion to serve our country. he looked around and he saw that things weren't quite right in washington. so he stood up and he decided that he was going to do his part to put our government back on the side of the people. and it took guts and it took a lot of hard work but with grass roots support scott brown carried the day. and it has been so interesting now to watch the aftermath of the massachusetts revolution. the conservative election sweep, it is time that they stopped blaming everyone else. when you are 0-3 you better stop lecturing and start listening. this is about the people and it
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is bigger than any king or keen of a tea party and it as lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter. >> geraldo: who could that be? >> let's go to alex pappas. the writer from the dale i caller. what did you think of the governor's speech and her reception by the crowd there at the grand ole opry? >> i tell you what, she is absolutely a rock star. you heard the applause when the notion of president palin was brought up. the last few days i talked to a number of people here at the convention and i said i know you are focused on 2010 but let's fast forward to 2012, give me is name and who is the tea party supporting and i did not have a single conversation where the name president palin wasn't brought up. the interesting part is where she answered the leadership
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question and there is a lock of centralized leadership and the media put out the idea that she wants to be perhaps the leadership of the de facto movement and she told them what they want to hear that the movement is not going to be defined by one leader and it is not a top down organization and it is about the people. >> geraldo: before i move on to the weather that is such big news here, were you feeling that she was making a pitch to be part of the gop nor the for the tea party to be part of the conservative party or stand in suspects sport of a third -- aah port of a third independent party. >> the tea party movement doesn't want to be a third-party at all. they want to make change within the existing party structure. >> geraldo: i think that means in practical terms that they will represent or come to represent the activist conservative right wing of the
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gop and we will have two parties as we have always had but one i think at least right now as we speak far more energized than the other. alex pappas, thank you very much. governor mike huckabee will be joining us shortly as will juan williams whose house is buried under 30 inches of snow in the nation's capital. before we probe more deeply both the governor's speech and implications of her potential as a political candidate or the de facto face of a cause, this is a fox weather alert. with parts of the mid atlantic still reeling from near-record snowfall, southern, california is suffering a weather that sass territories of its own following torrentialle rains, houses have been sliding with mud slides that have devastated dozens of them mucked up entire neighborhoods in the foothills north of los angeles. brother craig is on location he. here he is.
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here in los angeles, a severe winter storm caused thunder russ mud slides to take out dozens of vehicle as it swept through the foothills area. 41 homes were damaged, 500 people were evacuated. heavy rapes overflowed debris basins as the winter storm brought down hill sides weakened by wildfire. >> we have about five houses completely destroyed up here and another 30 to 50 houses that have water and mud in them but luckily at this time we don't have any major injuries reported. >> the enormous blocks p set up in anticipation of the mud slides but the force of the mud slides pushed them out of the way. >> it pushed the kay ropes down the streets like tooth picks and took the cars with it and took a few of the houses out too,. >> sounded like a real loud noise or thunder or a train coming or something like that which i knew it couldn't be and just when you looked out the
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window the water was just going over the k rails and you can see it even though it was pitch black you could see the water coming up and going down. >> while many of the houses were damaged by the mud, alousing residents to clean them up, some like this one were completely devastated, inundated with mud. it is a miracle that no one was killed in the mud slide. what a mess. craig, what a mess. >> you got the brush fires in the summer time. all the vegetation off the steep hills and the torential rains come and this happens. seems like the price of living in southern, california, craig. >> a ball place. this fact concern -- a beautiful face. in fact, that area is called paradise valley ironically. all of that soil was loose and
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muddy and mucky and in fact, you know, we were losing our boots as we were walking through the mud slide. but the county fire officials didn't anticipate how strong the cell would be and the international weather service said this is one of the strongest cells to hit the area in five years which is why a warning really didn't go out to many of the residents like that 74-year-old woman thelma allen until the worst was already over. the only silver lining, geraldo, is that the heavy snowfall in the mot mountain rs that feed, california's reservoirs has eased some critical water shortages. >> geraldo: be that as it may, hopefully the mud will dry up. craig, thank you very much. now, to what the president -- president obama is calling snowmageddon. one of the worst blizzards ever to hit the nation's capital, covering a huge area from there it d.c. to virginia and pennsylvania and south jersey in a heavy blanket of white.
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coming almost all the way to new york city but never made it here to the big apple. but walking along the boardwalk in wildwood, new jersey, proved almost impossible to do that today. blinding snow barreling through the garden state. winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour. snapping power lines, leaving thousands of residents in the dark. if wilmington delaware, snow falling so fast road crews could not keep up. at one point snowdropping at a rate of inches per hour. and people in westchester pa, pennsylvania, were out and about all day and all night shoveling their way out from under two feet of the white stuff. it as mega storm. also stretching almost to the boundaries as i said of the boroughs of new york. but not quite, it did not make it this way. i would like to move from powder snow to politics and the extraordinary gathering we just
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watched in nashville, tennessee, and the extraordinary half term governor who galvanized the tea party crowd joining me in the grand oleopry. jointing me is governor huckabee. the picture is bad because he is in tiberius israel right now. first, juan, what is your house like? >> it is unbelievable. i was trying to remember the last time we have seen snow like this in washington. i think it goes back to the 1970s, geraldo. it is just, if president obama says snow mageddon, i would say whiteout. you can try to walk places. it has been snowing here since friday and you would have gone snow blind in some cases and people ever basically locked in because the big roads even are still impassible in some places and you get out to the suburbs like montgomery county maryland and there is no electricity because the snow is so heavy it is weighing on the trees and the power lines, snapping power
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lines, causing some of the transmix stations to explode and you have large numbers of people who can't -- >> geraldo: let me take a break. i hope the people get electricity to watch the super bowl. let me take a quick break. let me take a quick break. coming up weck it out, gas pris blowing up sky high ♪ ♪ - ditched my used subcompact for a two-wheeled ride ♪ ♪ - now i'm rolling eco-friendy but i still look bad ♪ ♪ when the bike store saw my credit ♪ ♪ they said this was all they had ♪ ♪ i'm singing- f to the r to the to the e ♪ ♪ to the c to the r to the e-d-i-t, ♪ ♪ re to the port to the dot, to the com ♪ ♪ come on everybody grab your bike and sing along, ♪ ♪ it's easy... f to the r... ♪ vooffer applies with enrollment in triple advantage.
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back live to my left that is governor mike huckabee via skype in israel. alongside us, on juan williamso has given us an accurate picture of his home in the washington suburbs. governor, a to you think of the former vice presidential candidate's speech to an electfied crowd down there at the grand ole onry. >> i know pound for the candier is going out in washington but it was in full force in nashville, tennessee.
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she electfies clouds. she certainly turns on a certain level of energy within the movement across this country that is dissatisfied with congress. global warming is not unique to washington, d.c. is knowed in the golan heights yesterday. >> geraldo: i skied once in beirut, lebanon. the reception she received, and the comments from alex pappas, the guy from "the daily caller" are an indication that she commands a considerable constituency. i think she would get 30% of the international vote if she ran tomorrow with no party and no backing. i think she would bet ross perot's tally and who knows she could go even bigger than. do you think that this makes her or gives credibility to her candidacy either as a
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third-party candidate or more likely in encore performance as a republican maybe at the top of the ticket? >> if she were to run as a third-party candidate that 30% would be cut in half at best. there is always this idea that neither party is worth a flip and we need to get rid of both of them. that sounds good but both parties create infrastructure for candidates and campaigns. until you have several billion dollars and can build it from scratch, there isn't enough track to run the train. sarah palin has to be careful not to give an indication that she is willing to abandon the republican party. if she is it really does put her on the side track rather than on the main line. >> she did say her husband todd was not a republican any more. what do you think the political significance of her speech was tonight? >> i think it made it very clear that the tea party movement is at this point essentially an antiobama
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movement. if you were to say what are the points and principles of this movement at this juncture, once you get beyond the general antidiagnose pathy towards president obama you would say iting antitax, the former governor calling for tax cuts in a big way and then antispending with regard to the deficit. she said it is immoral and theft from the future generations. i would say those are the points that stand out. the question is whether or not people believe that that is real leadership. i mean how do you pay for war? we are a nation at war with terrorists. you have to pay for some of these things. we are a nation that almost went into depression. you have to do help for people out of work. i think what you saw tonight was the start of something. she demercedeses from being the leader of this -- demurs from being the leader of that party. marco rubio is on time magazine
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>> geraldo: i want to talk about the outrageous treatment of the christian missionaries in haiti. haiti even it is a ignores the -- the government ignores rampaging criminals inflicting further suffering on the women and children, authorities instead are focused on the mean spirited prosecution of these people, ten baptist missionaries trying to do the right thing in attempting to take 33 haitian children out of harm's way but who did not have
1:24 am
proper authorization. as a result of the haitian government's action these people stand accused of kidnapping. the assistant secretary of state joins me in washington. thank you very much. don't you find it ironic that this government which is so dysfunctional, that it is using apprehende effort to the thousands of escaped murderers and rapists and armed robbers who fled the destroyed jail is concentrating so much effort to prosecute these missionaries? >> this is a demonstration of haitian sovereignty. these are american citizens accused of breaking haitian law. th is their judi process. they have done a reasonable job in our view of investigating the charges against these people, the judicial process is still ongoing. >> is there a scintilla of evidence that this was an intentional kidnapping? >> i think the judge has
1:25 am
evaluated the evidence presented to him and said there is sufficient evidence, you know, to make a charge that these individuals whether their intentionals were honorable or otherwise have broken haitian law. >> geraldo: haiti ranks by international standards at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to corruption in government. you have that and the fact that 380,000 haitian children have either been abandoned by their parents as a result of the earthquake or are truly orphaned. given the two statistics are you confident that the government is not just grandstanding and deflecting attention from its own dysfunction? >> as recordedpy fox and other setworks these are individuals accused of gathering children by a variety of means and transporting this emto the border of the dominican republic and attempting to cross the border without authorization from the government of haiti. >> it is now reported that the haitian government is demanding
1:26 am
$20,000 per orphan before they give an approval. isn't it possible that they will use this tragedy to set up an industry, an expert industry in which effectively the government of haiti sells the children of haiti to line its own pockets. >> that is quite a charge, geraldo. what happened so far is that we are working with haiti and moving to the united states and to other countries those children who are in the adoption pipeline at the time of the earthquake and we are doing this in a process that meets haitian law, american law and international standards. we are not going to stand for a situation and we are not going to participate in a process that we think has any other motive but the safety and long-term interests of the children at stake. so, we will be watching this carefully. we the united states along with other institutions have warned everyone to be alert for any suggestion of trafficking, any discussion of corruption, we
1:27 am
are watching this carefully and working with the u.n. and others. >> geraldo: p.j. crawly, walking obviously, ladies and gentlemen, a very, very tight
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from america's headquarters i'm patty ann brown n colorado three people confirmed dead tonight. you're seeing home video of one of the planes going down in a plume of black smoke near boulder. followed by a parachute stuck to flaming wreckage. authorities say one plane was towing a glider near boulder when another small plane clipped the tow line. and the space shuttle endeavor is fueled up and ready to go. and endeavor is scheduled to lift off about three hours from now. it's one of the only five remaining shuttle missions and last one one scheduled to launch in darkness. the six man crew will carry a
1:31 am
new room to the international space station. forecast dwrers say odds of good weather are 60%. fox news will bring you live coverage starting 4:30 eastern. now back to "geraldo at large". to "geraldo at large" on fox. >> please don't worry. as long as i keep god in my heart and you in my life i will be fine. i have done all i could do. i told the truth. and i have faith the truth will prevail. >> geraldo: dr. conrad murray. while his faith may not be enough it is finally happening seven months after the death of michael jackson, the doctor who admitted giving the king of pop the powerful anesthetic that
1:32 am
killed him, on monday will be charged with jackson's death. dr. conrad murray will be charged with involuntary manslaughter at the airport branch of the criminal court which as the name suggests is in the shadow of lax. if dr. murray is still in dustily and there is con still in custody. there is confusion with whether he will be allowed to surrender more discreetly to the district attorney and he will be arraigned monday afternoon. there will not be a grand jury. if convicted he will face between two and four years behind bars. joining me now from los angeles, jackson family attorney our pal, brian oxman. dr. michael baden is in the middle and judge j janine pirr, host of the hit show judge pirro joins me. judge, what do you think about
1:33 am
the charge of involuntary manslaughter. >> i think it is the highest they could go. i think understand that the family wants a higher charge and believe that he killed him and there is a greater minutes rea. i think it was a part move by the part of the d. a. not to everdo it. i think we have seen so much celebrity connected cases. and i think it is this and i think this will change forever the legal landscape as it relates to the doctors and the treatment of patients who are, indeed, celebrity patients. >> are you troubled that the case has taken so long to file against it guy? >> no. >> geraldo: it is not like there is anything new that we didn't know and report months ago about the propofol. >> i think they had to get the experts lined up. there was a great deal of research. this case is unlike any case that we have seen in a long time. the idea of what others might say is a civil case, bringing it in to the criminal justice
1:34 am
system, asking a jury who already has a sense that michael jackson had addictions and may be a risk to his life himself can it be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. >> what about the schwable that has been denied by the proper's office. the cops want him to walk down the walk of shame and. >> having been a d.a. myself i can tell you i suspect that there was. the cops want him in handcuffs and they want the perp walk and their guys next to them. they are saying he doesn't have a krillal report and he is not a flight risk and he is not going anywhere. the cops say this is a homicide case. are you giving them special treatment, he is connected to a celebrity and therefore we treat him with more dignity than the next guy charged with
1:35 am
manslaughter. they may have a point but at end of the day they worked it out. >> geraldo: i know the family is unhappy that he wasn't charged with second-degree murder. is that accurate? >> yes, geraldo and i'm not happy about this at all. it seems to me that what we have is we have a doctor who repeatedly gave this anesthesia drug to michael jackson as a sleep aid to go to sleep like it was sleep ease or a sleeping pill of some kind. come on. i was the one who was jumping up and down warning this is dangerous, the man is going to die from the overdose which is inevitable. i knew it was an inherent danger to life. how come other people can say oh, i didn't know, i really didn't mean it? i'm sorry, geraldo, i was the one who gave the warning and then when it happens to be told it is just involuntary manslaughter i don't buy it at
1:36 am
all. >> geraldo: why are you scornful of this statement. >> i think it is interesting to say i knew all along when maybe there should have been some intervention. what is happening with all due respect it maybe you are feeding into the defense where if you as a strange knew, you are not a medical doctor did michael jackson know as well. >> what about joe jackson told me specifically that he was barred from that rented mansion in which his son was living. what about the implication from joe jackson and other family members, judge, that maybe there is more to it? maybe they didn't care if he lived or died because they had the various insurance policies. could this be the beginning rather than the end of the prosecution of those responsible for the death of michael jackson? >> i don't know who else we could charge. i know that there were many people that were complicit civilly. i don't know where we get to the point where we have a conrad murray, administering
1:37 am
propafol and sedative datives and not having the hospital restrived by force sestack expectation that you need -- not having the hospital resuscitation equipment that you needed. >> geraldo: dr., baden, i want to ask you to withhold your comments and talk about another person. the cases are so similar. i think you can give us an overview. i want to talk about actress brittany murphy who died last night. her husband is being portrayed as a drunken bully living off a woman that he married because his visa had expired and whose career that he helped ruin because of his obnoxious conduct. watch. >> most of the medications are mine. i suffer from seizures. i suffer from, you know, heart -- my heart stopped on
1:38 am
december 3rd in port reco- >> when sharon murphy appeared on the today show last month, he denied reports that the star was another in the melancholy holiday tradition of drug abuse. while the l.a. corner is labeling her drug accidental the coroner confirms it was caused by pneumonia, anemia and most importantly by multiple prescrip shop drug intoxication. the coroner goes on to say her death was preventible if only she had seen a doctor in the last days and weeks of her life. >> because of the rumors, hollywood is a village and once you upset the villagers they talk and they gossip and they rumor and they have blood on their happens and i hope they wash them with very hot water because the way they treated brittany murphy when she was alive was terrible. >> who exactly has blood on his
1:39 am
hands? two weeks before she died, brittany was fired by warner brothers from performing in the sequel to the animated hit movie happy feet for a time he blamed the studio for the star's death and threatened to sue. >> tell me about the suit you are bringing against warner brothers? >> geraldo: if he is looking for justice, perhaps he should look in the mirror because now that it is clear drugs played a role in her death, his lawsuit is probably a nonstarter. add to fact the fact that she was actually fired two films because of alleged bizarre behavior. a month before she was fired from warner brothers she was
1:40 am
also fired from a feature film named the caller whose producers blamed his misbehavior. on the set to do his wife's hair and makeup he allegedly terrorized the film crew with drunken demands and threats which he denies. craig spoke with a university professor who commented that along with brittany's broken heart her recent painful plastic surgery might have contributed to her drug use and death. >> imagine a young actress with incredible talent. you can't bleeth breathe, you e pneumonia and you are in pain and you are taking all these cough med did i sins leading to constitution and that could lead you to be nauseous and vomiting. >> every story needs a villain her husband said after her
1:41 am
tragic death concluding and saying everybody thinks it is me. and to that i agree with him. >> geraldo: you have the brittany murphy, aknee mia and pneumonia. is it all of a piece? >> i think with all the pieces that the cause of death thus far released by the coroner's office is not very clear. if you die of sue moania pneumt accident. people don't die with the mom and husband present of knee pneumonia. the most significant in the death certificate are the prescription drugs and we don't know which ones until they release that in two weeks. >> we will have more on the investigation into brittany murphy's death. and big political news in
1:42 am
new orleans. and we will talk about the maddening recall that ♪ we created our college of business and management... after collaborating with business leaders. we wanted our curriculum to match market needs, preparing you for today's most sought-after careers. in fact, we have not one but five specialized colleges, offering you bachelor's degree programs that... are both relevant and highly maetable. devry university. discover education working at
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>> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. even as new orleans prepares for carnival and the saints playing against the colts, they have elected this day a new mayor. he is the lieutenant governor of louisiana, mitch landrieu. if that name sounds familiar, he is the brother of the
1:46 am
senator, the embattled senator from louisiana, mary landrieu and also the son of moon landrieu who is the last white mayor of new orleans prior to ray nagin the term limited mayor who was presiding during the disasteruo sunday city nonresponse or dysfunctional response to hurricane katrina. the news is new orleans has a brand new mayor. mitch landrieu. you know, as long as i'm on politics before i get back to michael jackson and brittany murphy. a well known political figure when you were in that industry and in that profession. what did you think about sarah palin's speech tonight. i would be remiss if i didn't ask you briefly. i think she is extremely impress eastbound and i don't think there is a guy out there who holds a candle to her on the republican side. >> i watched that speech and i thought that she did great. she was clear. she was concise. she was right on the money. all of the issues that people
1:47 am
are concerned about and she takes it down to basics and even made fun of the elitists and said look, they say i'm simple minded, it really is very simple when i don't have enough money to cover my bills i tighten my belts. that is what americans get right now. we have never been? such pain. at this point i think someone like sarah palin has an incredible future. >> it would be interesting to see how she does in a race against a formidable articulate democrat. not like coakley of massachusetts or corzine of new jersey or the fellow down in virginia but i think that she clearly has sent shivers down the spine of people. back to the jackson/brittany murphy. how could she die of pneumonia? it was drugs. these cases are always drugs and the people who are around here know exactly why it is and yet the coroner calls it an accident just like the coroner in florida screwed up the
1:48 am
prosecution of the anna nicole smith crowd until months later when the attorney general of california got it together. i think that is what it happening here. >> i think coroners and medical examiners in general try to be nice to the next of kin in general and we only see this in the high profile cases like this. here the death cer certificate around the country is kind of curious because it lists the last thing that happens to the patient first. pneumonia. and then it goes down to drugs, prescription drugs. many times we have situations that confuse prosecutors and lawyers. gunshot wound to the head. but what comes out is pneumonia due to paralysis due to gunshot wound to the head. >> geraldo: is it fair to say that brittany murphy did not die of pneumonia or respiratory failure?
1:49 am
>> of course, respiratory failure, you're dead. >> i think instead of her husband suing warner brothers for firing brittany murphy for alleged bizarre behaveor, i think the mother of brit it any murkowski fay should think about suing him for aiding and abetting the decline and fall of a young actress who was brilliant and should have had her career thriving at the age of 32 rather than being someone who acts up on sets and gets fired from 3406 i haves and i think at some point they will take a closer look at hip and i also think the michael jackson thing is not over yet and i will not let it go just with the prosecution for involuntary manslaughter of this doctor. >> the prosecutor is looking at a lot of people, doctors and pharmacists. >> in the jackson case. >> illegal prescriptions in the jackson case and decided finally only at this point to
1:50 am
charge the doctor but not necessarily the last thing. >> $50,000 a month from your pharmacy? if the pharmacy didn't check that out then the attorney general should.d.d.d.d.ún
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1:52 am
1:53 am
toyota's president is apologizing to the word and our congress is promising to investigate the defects in the last few years. we are joined now by a man that only wishes that this car company had the courage and foresight to admit that its vehicles had a potential defect. tom is the brother in law of a man named monte hardy who died when his 2008 toyota avalon, shot into a pool and flipped
1:54 am
over and killed montae and three passengers, all friends many tom. claiming that their car raced out of control on three separate occasions they took the car to the toyota dealership last year and were told, what, tom, just a month before the recall? >> oh, your car has no problem. we have taken care of it. your floor mats are not the kind that are causing the problem. put the floor mats in the trunk, which he did. inexcusable. >> geraldo: your family, actually went and said that this thing was racing out of control and were told not to worry about it? >> we checked it out and your car has no problem and that was not true. >> geraldo: listen, tom, do you blame tio2 that o toyota tore ?
1:55 am
>> that is a good question because the answer is obvious. there is cull pability up the chain. the mechanic when doesn't fix a car right he is pass on the blame but there is a manufacturing defect there is an appalling tragedy to the four familys. >> sitting alongside tom bolin is the family attorney. where do you go for compensation for the family's grievous loss? go to the deale dealer who eitr knew and lied or didn't know or go right up the food chain that tom describes and go after toyota? >> i think the dealers only knew what they were told by toyota. i think at the end of the day the buck stops with toyota itself. >> geraldo: let me ask, you this, randy. did toyota ever write to tom
1:56 am
and his family members a letter of apology? >> no, they knew about this fatality days taft occurred. six weeks after this family had this tragedy they never heard anything about toyota. they came down and examined the car in a wrecking yard a few blocks from the family house and didn't even go by and pay a courtesy visit or call, much less send a sympathy card. that should tell you something about the apology that you heard about, if it is an apology at all. >> geraldo: tom, i just want to tell you that obviously you have our sincere condolences and i think you represent the tragic end of a terrible story, it is wrecking a car company we all thought, i owned toyotas in the past, we thought was doing great things and making vehicles but if they lied or knew and didn't tell people then shame on them and they will pay the piper and i know that won't compensate you for
1:57 am
your tragic loss. thank you. and ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for being with us on i was short of breath, so i couldn't always do what i wanted to do. but five minutes ago, i took symbicort, and symbicort is already helping significantly improve my lung function. so, today, i've noticed a significant difference in my breathing. and i'm doing more of what i want to do. so we're clear -- it doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. my doctor said symbicort isor copd,
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